Turkish citizenship with a 400.000$ property investment.

According to the implementation of the Turkish Citizenship Law which is published on Official Gazette dated 13.06.2022 all foreigners together with their families may obtain the Turkish Citizenship by purchasing a real estate valued above 400.000$ in Turkey.

Required documents from the applicant:

  1. Application from (VAT-4).
  2. Passport or ID card that shows her/his nationality.
  3. Consent letter (taken from the notary or the related officer in domestic, if abroad external representation or from the authorized offices from her/his country) for the children who are under their mother’s/father’s custody and applying the citizenship with.
  4. Merital status document and if married marriage certificate, if divorced divorce certificate, if widow/widower death certificate.
  5. Birth certificate that shows personal information, or population register sample document and if married family registration certificate that proves the family bond between her/his spouse and children.
  6. Service charge receipt from finance cashier desk.
  7. 2 biometric photograf (50×60 mm, white background, machine readable, plain set by ICAO).

Caution while filling the Form:

  1. The form must be filled electronically, with capital letters, 8 punto arial font. If not the form is filled with pen.
  2. No abbreviations if there is more than one name or surname.
  3. Personal information if filled according to the approved Turkish translate documents.
  4. In the areas of “Turkish name” and “Turkish surname” is filled if Turkish name and surname is needed.
  5. If the present name and surname is needed to kept, it is written properly way to Turkish language spelling rules.
  6. The second form is used if there is more than three child, and only the child’s area is filled and signed.
  7. if the form area is not enough, second form is used and signed.

Attention :

  1. Missing information, unreadable or unsigned documents are not accepted.
  2. Turkish citizenship acquisition decision is cancelled if some hidden or lied basic issues for the acquisition process of Turkish citizenship is detected later.
  3. If there are depending children who asked to acquire Turkish citizenship with, are applied together, and for the children documents stated at the article 38 of the Turkish Citizenship Regulation Law No. 5901 are added to the application documents.
  4. In the case false statements is found, in accordance with the law No. 5490 on Population Services, jail sentence is applied to the foreign who wants to acquire Turkish citizenship.
  5. In accordance with article 204 of Turkish Criminal Law, two up to five years of imprisonment to the person who uses faked documents during citizenship procedures.

Advantages of Turkish citizenship

There are lot of advantages of having a Turkish citizenship, including the legal right to work and vote, as well as eliminating the need for a residency permits, not to mentions the free visa access for over than 115 countries around the world
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