Health insurance for foreign nationals in Turkey.
Pursuant to the laws of Republic of Turkey, foreign nationals that seek to have a residence permit are obliged to have a health insurance. Foreign nationals that have an appointment for a residence permit must bring the original of the health insurance policy with them to the appointment.

How to buy insurance?
Contact the ikamet office or any insurance office for buying an insurance policy.
You need to have a tax ID number of a Turkish Id number for foreign nationals in order to have a general health insurance. Please visit to check your Turkish ID number for foreign nationals.

Which service does my health insurance cover?

Inpatient Treatment Guarantees

  1. Hospital services (surgery, operating room, anaesthesia, medication, laboratory, radiology etc.)
  2. Room, bed, food and hospital attendant expenses during the hospitalisation
  3. Cornea, kidneys, pancreas, liver, heart and lung transplantation
  4. ESWL, Gama Knife expenses
  5. Coronary angiography
  6. All diagnostic biochemistry, microbiology, pathology examinations , radiologic examination and imaging during an inpatient treatment
  7. Post-operative physiotherapy
  8. Domiciliary medical care services that help daily living functions of the insured for social support purposes
  9. Chemotherapy, radiotherapy, dialysis
  10. Medical treatments such as food poisoning, plaster cast, minor burn treatments that take less than 24 hours (observing, short-stays)
  11. Artificial organ expenses in case of loss of limbs due to an accident or illness
  12. Treatments at intensive care units
  13. Dental and nose treatments due to a traffic accident

Outpatient Treatment Guarantees

  1. Medical examination
  2. Diagnostic examinations
  3. Medication
  4. Physical treatment

Foreign nationals that have an insurance abroad?
Foreign nationals that buy insurance from an insurance company abroad must document that such policy is valid in Turkey. Insurance company abroad should be accredited (approved) by an office established in Turkey.

Health insurance for the foreign nationals that have a work permit and the foreign nationals accompanied by him/her.
Spouse and children of a foreign national that has a work permit are not necessarily obliged to have a health insurance individually. If they can benefit from health insurance of the individual that has a work permit, they do not need to have a policy separately. It is sufficient for them to get a certificate of provision from the social security directorate.

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