Title Deed in Turkey (TAPU)

  1. Province
  2. City
  3. District
  4. Settlement
  5. Street
  6. Locality
  7. Number of development Lot
  8. Property typ
  9. Total area of development
  10. Boundaris
  11. Typ of ownership
  12. Cadastral value
  13. Purpose of the property
  14. Owner´s land share within the property
  15. Block
  16. Floor
  17. Apartment number
  18. Former owner and reason for title transfer
  19. Property owner
  20. Date of title transfer
  21. Number in the cadastral register
  22. Signature from Head of TAPU office

Title Deed ( TAPU ) is a legal document, establishing of a timeless and absolut ownership right of the aquired property in Turkey ,which after the conclusion of the purchase and sale contract, may not be challenged by anyone at court.
This document confirms the transaction and only after it is obtained you are recognized as the full owner of the property in Turkey.
The only official state department performing and controlling the processing of paperwork for purchased properties is the Office of Cadaster and TAPU ( https://www.tkgm.gov.tr/tr ).This department is the state guarantor of the legality and transparency of a transaction.
After the conclusion of the contract and performance of all the procedures required to start the processing of the real estate, the agency, under a power of attorney from the client submits his documents to the Office of Cadaster and TAPU of the city and the district where the property was acquired.
After the arrival of positive responses from the relevant inspection bodies for foreign citizens and the payment of the relevant taxes and duties, the buyer receives a master document, recording the title to the property (TAPU), confirming that the transfer of title from the seller to the new owner has been performed.

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